Shipping Information

Artischic partners with global merchants and artisans in order to provide you the best prices and the most interesting products. Because we ship directly from our partners, your item may take 3-5 weeks to arrive. Please don't panic if it doesn't show up immediately, it's on its way :) We offer international shipping options too - no matter where you are, you can buy from us! All orders are backed by our no questions-asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - if you don't love your items, we'll send replacements for free (or give you a full refund).
Absolutely not. You pick whatever you like in our store. We cover the shipping.
If your item came damaged or did not arrive at all. Contact us and we will send you a new one or will give you a refund

Orders and Returns

No Worries! Contact us and we will send you a new item or give you a refund.
Contact us right away and we'll help guide you through the process. We stand by our products - that's why we offer returns for 30 days after you receive your purchase.

If You Have More Questions

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